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Dixie Wig


This ultra light, short, semi-straight cut tapers to a smooth nape. (Main image shows wig in colour 39 [Grey].)

Casey Wig


Casey Wig


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Crown 3" / 7.5 cm
Fringe 3.5" / 9 cm
Nape 2" / 5 cm
Weight 54g

Every Amore wig is made with Trendco's exclusive monofilament two-layer design and handcrafted weaving techniques for the ultimate in comfort and fit. You're sure to find a product that fits you so perfectly and is ready to wear in an instant.


This wig has a machined wefted, double monofilament top construction.

Zoe Wig
Machine Wefted Cap

Zoe Wig

A modern pixie style with multiple layers and textures.

Starting from £108.00

Tyler Wig
Machine Wefted Cap

Tyler Wig

Chipped layers and flipped ends combine to create this sophisticated style.

Starting from £101.00

Tori Wig
Machine Wefted Cap

Tori Wig

A striking angled bob with a blunt fringe.

Starting from £114.00

Sierra Wig
Machine Wefted Cap

Sierra Wig

A buoyant arrangement of tousled texture and body.

Starting from £102.00

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