We offer a variety of services open to transgender and non-trans clients from our salon in Basildon, Essex.

Please contact us for further information or to make a booking.

Salon Services

Full Leg Wax £18 . 50
Half Leg Wax £10 . 50
Full Body Waxing Contact us for pricing
Wig styling and care Contact us for pricing
Manicure £12 . 00
Pedicure £12 . 00
Own nails varnished £2 . 99
Ear piercing £6 . 50
Eyebrow Shaping/Trim £5 . 50

Make Up Lessons

Make Up Lessons £50 per session

Hair Removal

Electroylsis by qualified electrolysists Contact us for pricing
Cosmetic treatments: for thread veins, mole hairs, skin tags and spider veins Contact us for pricing

Changing Facilities

Enjoy 3 hours of dressing & relaxing in snug and comfortable facilities £50
For those who cannot or who find it difficult to dress at home, or wish to have somewhere to dress before going out to clubs and parties or a special event.
We don't supply clothes to wear, but we can apply make-up for you and arrange your hair.
We have a selection of clothing catalogues covering evryday wear and specialised transgender items.
Come and talk to professionals about make-up, clothes and beauty products and services.

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