CLEARANCE Nail Magic Was £10.50"> CLEARANCE Nail Magic Was £10.50">

Nail Magic

CLEARANCE Nail Magic Was £10.50
  • Nail Magic
  • Nail Magic

One bottle, 60 days treatment

Nail Magic uses a combination of ingredients to stimulate healthy, beautiful nail growth while strengthening and conditioning weak or damaged nail tissue. In 60 days, one bottle of Nail Magic, used as directed, will give you long strong beautiful nails.

Less than 3 minutes

Nail Magic dries so quickly it usually takes under 3 minutes to apply and dry to a clear satin sheen.

Twice a Week

Apply Nail Magic twice a week to clean nails. Of course, instant results are not possible, although some people claim to notice an immediate improvement. After 60 days your nails will improve.

Four Products in One

Nail Magic can be used alone to give nails a clear satin sheen, as a base coat and a top coat under or over coloured nail polish, and a treatment.

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Nail Magic


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