CLEARANCE WAS £12.95 A useful resource for the transgender community"> CLEARANCE WAS £12.95 A useful resource for the transgender community">


CLEARANCE WAS £12.95 A useful resource for the transgender community
  • Insights

Insights into Transvestism, Transsexualism and all other gender presentations.

Despite being featured on chat shows, transgender persons are among the most misunderstood people in our community. This collection of writings gives an insight into the discrete world of crossdressers and transmen and women.It reveals their fears, guilt, and compulsions whilst also considering the impact on families, friends, colleagues, employers, and those in authority. An essential guide for anyone considering setting out on the transgender road, the book provides a much-needed dash of reality based on a combination of direct experience and careful observation. It looks at aspects of gender, reveals the little-known facts about intersex individuals, considers the side effects of hormones and the dangers of their abuse.

Contributions from Dr Russell Reid, Melanie McMullen, Stacey Novak and Ashley Carrington (and others)

Insights was written 20 years ago using terminology in common use at that time; some terms have changed (indeed, some are now regarded as offensive). However, it still provides a valuable resource for issues faced by trans-persons.

Paperback book - Published 2002 by Transliving International.

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