Comined Kidney Tape & Skin Tac Wipes

A value pack of wipes and tapes for use with breast forms
  • Comined Kidney Tape & Skin Tac Wipes
  • Comined Kidney Tape & Skin Tac Wipes

Combined Pack of Kidney Tapes and Skin Tac Wipes

Kidney Tape

Use the kidney tape on breast forms to help keep them fixed in place. These pads can be reused when used with Skin-Tac Wipes

Each pack contains 24 pads

Skin Tac Wipes

Hypoallergenic and latex-free, these wipes help the adhesion of tape and sprays used to attach breast forms to the body by removing oils on the skin surface. The wipes are easy to use and provide a barrier between adhesives and the skin. Simply wipe the area of the body where the breast forms will be attached.

These magic wipes also enable tape on the breast form to be reused, thereby saving money: use the wipe after on the adhesive tape to allow it to become tacky again. The wipes can be reused too if stored in a resealable bag.

Each pack contains 12 individual wipes.

Combined pack - save £2.50

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Combined Pack - Tape & Wipes


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